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We started our Sábados Musicales music program for the children at Sueños y Esperanzas orphanage

We donated close to
Welcome packets of essential items and breastfeeding information to new moms at the Hospital Civil

We donated funds to TECHO organization for the building of a house by student volunteers

We served over
meals in San Juan de Ocotán with our Soup Kitchen program.

We organized our First Women’s Empowerment Conference at PALCCO for

We work with different companies and a university to sponsor and develop partnerships to offer team-building volunteer opportunities for their employees with our programs

We organized our first Casino Night Fundraiser for

Our partner HP paid for and served over
meals on their own and will continue to serve monthly with our Soup Kitchen program

In collaboration with Oracle we took
children from San Juan de Ocotán on a field trip to Oracle for a learning opportunity