Hello, Ladies!

Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 12, 2019, we had our last General Meeting of the year and the decade! Thank you, Terrill, for hosting the holiday breakfast at Club Las Lomas.

Check out the highlights of our December meeting, as well as our accomplishments for August through December of last year. We achieved so much so far and we are looking forward to what´s to come in 2020!

Bake Sale Donations Needed!
The JL Volunteer club at ASFG will have a bake sale on Friday, January 24 to raise funds for making packages for kids with cancer at the Hospital Zoquipan. We are asking JL volunteers and friends to please drop off a baked good (homemade or bought) to the HS office the morning of January 24 to donate to the bake sale.

Bonnie Gosler (Newsletter Coordinator) and Sara Partida (Translator)

MUDAC (Mi Ultimo Deseo, A.C.)

With member Pilar Ortega’s help, for the holidays, we fulfilled wish lists for 6 kids from MUDAC.

The kids asked for things like Nike shoes, sweatshirts, backpacks, and toys. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort and a special thanks to Pilar Ortega for delivering the packages as well! She also took leftover bolos from our SK Posada.

Special thank you too to Ana Cecilia Partida Fonseca for making contact with PepsiCo. She helped arrange for them to sponsor 12 more letters for kids from MUDAC and will be meeting with them soon to see if we can work together more.

Way to go, ladies!

Program Updates

Soup Kitchen

Our Soup Kitchen team worked in conjunction with HP’s Soup Kitchen team to do a joint Posada in San Juan Ocotán.

We were able to give pizza and fruit to everyone and leftover soda we had from our Casino Night Fundraiser.

We delivered 75 dispensas to the families, 150 bolos of candy for the kids (donated by De la Rosa), and gave a present of a book for every child.

HP provided dessert, 5 piñatas and HP raffled gifts for the moms.

It was a wonderful celebration! Special thanks to our JL Volunteer Club student volunteers who put all of the bolos together, wrapped all presents and helped us with setting up.

Members of our San Juan de Ocotan Soup Kitchen community were so grateful that they did the majority of the clean up this year!

Music Saturdays

Our program was put on hold by the Sueños y Esperanza’s orphanage for the month of December for Posadas organized by outside volunteers, but will start again the 3rd Saturday of January.

Casi Como Nuevo

We received a big donation of around 450 items of clothing from a designer in Mexico City.

We had a sample sale and will likely be organizing another in February. Stay tuned for date and location.

If you haven´t done so yet, like our Casi Como Nuevo Facebook page:

Store hours: M-F, 10-2 PM, Av. San Francisco 3332, Chapalita

Mi Bebé y Yo

We had one visit to 2 hospitals in early December and volunteers are looking forward to more in 2020!

Done in a Day

The proposal for the project for the Ludoteca at Punto Grande is finished and will be presented in January to Fiscalía de Reinsercion de Puente Grande for approval.

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