Hello, Ladies!

Thursday, January 16, 2020, we held our General Meeting at the Puesta del Sol Club House.

Thank you to human rights lawyer, Tran Dang, for her talk at the meeting. Tran moved to Guadalajara and witnessed first-hand the difficulties encountered by migrants. A year and a half ago, she started The Rhizome Center (

Because of recent US immigration policies, up to 500 deportees will be arriving in Guadalajara per week in the following months; some of them may not have lived in Mexico since they were children and they might not even speak Spanish. This vulnerable population will be in need of support.

Tran works with deportees from the US providing legal support, workshops where she provides one-on-one consultations, as well as humanitarian support and workshops for US law students. She is in need of interpreters, certified translators, and funds to aid the migrants.

If you are interested in her work or you want to help, you can learn more at:
or contact her via email:



Bonnie Gosler (Newsletter Coordinator) and Sara Partida (Translator)

Tran Dang, The Rhizome Center

Volunteers Needed for the Women´s Empowerment Conference

President Terrill Martinez at the 2019 Women´s Empowerment Conference

Our 3rd annual Women’s Empowerment Conference is coming up in early March! We need volunteers to make this event happen. Please let Terrill or Joan know if you can help.

And, if your company or a company you know of would be interested in buying blocks of tickets for their employees to attend, please contact Terrill or Joan.

It’s going to be a great conference this year. So far, the speakers will include:

Marisa Lazo,entrepreneur, motivational speaker and philanthropist and owner of Pastelerias Marisa. She’ll be talking to us about the new A.C. she and her sister and daughters have created to fund projects that help women.

Rosi Orozco, author and human rights activist who has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for her work against human trafficking.

Susy Bojórquez, life coach and motivational speaker. She’ll be speaking on women and finances.

Kimberly McDaniel, volunteer, artist, and breast cancer survivor. She’ll be speaking to us about her personal battle with breast cancer and the importance of attitude and community in the face of challenge.

Highlights from the Meeting

New Member Training
In early January, Hallie and Brenda held the new member training. Welcome to our new members: Ana, Donají, Julie Francis, María, Paulina, Peach, and Sandra. We are happy to have you with us!

The February Meeting Speaker
At our February meeting, member Rita Chehabeddine will speak about the connection between mind and body. We are happy to have our members share their skills and experience with us. If you are interested in presenting at a General Meeting, please contact Monica.

The Women’s Empowerment Conference
The Women’s Empowerment Conference is around the corner! If you are interested in helping out, sign up for the committee with Joan or Terrill.

Board Positions Open
The Election Meeting will be coming up in April. There are Board positions open! If you’re ready for a new leadership position or a new challenge, contact members of the Board.

Program Updates

Soup Kitchen

Last month we had our biggest posada ever!!!

HP brought dessert, piñatas, and treats for the kids

De la Rosa donated candy for the bolos

Every child received a book (thanks, Terrill!)

Music Saturdays

We are grateful for our wonderful volunteers, both adults and students, who continue to volunteer their time to connect with these sweet kids

Casi Como Nuevo

Sales are going great!

We are in the process of increasing our security measures and restructuring the sales system to streamline our sales

In February, we are planning to have a sale of the remaining clothes donated by the designer in Mexico City! Stay tuned for more information.

Store hours: M-F, 10-2 PM, Av. San Francisco 3332, Chapalita

Mi Bebé y Yo

Thank you Peach, Suzanne, and Sandra who delivered 30 packets to the moms and babies at the Hospital López Mateos

Next visit, volunteers will bring 50 packets

The program got a donation from the Readers Book Club for supplies

Oracle employees will make packets with our program on February 4

We would like to make a pamphlet on coping with grief for moms who have lost their babies

 First Impressions

The team met Wednesday, January 22 to brainstorm next steps

Team members Ana Cecilia and Donají are contributing contacts at the Tec, and Cetis and Cevetis to help move this project forward

Done in a Day

Mayra’s architecture students are helping design furniture and the space for the Ludoteca in Puente Grande Women’s prison

ASFG Student Club

The ASFG student club held a successful bake sale on January 24 to raise money for the packets they will be making for the pediatric cancer patients at the Hospital Zoquipan. Thank you to all who donated food!

Niños Fuertes, Hombres Fuertes

We have a meeting with DIF Guadalajara and DIF Zapopan with hopes to start the program right away

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