“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy.
You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.


President Terrill Martinez at the 2020 Women´s Empowerment Conference

On March 10, we held our third annual Women’s Empowerment Conference. It was at the Tec de Monterrey this year and many attendees commented that they liked the new location and enjoyed the conference greatly. The conference followed the Un Día Sin Mujeres protests of women all across Mexico, fighting for equality and an end to the gender-based violence that continues to plague our country. We are proud of all the women who came out to support each other.

Our Conference Speakers included:

Marisa Lazo of Pastelerías Marisa y Fundación Marisa, encouraged us to be proud of the success of women today and the importance of showing up for ourselves and for each other and believing in and committing to living our full potential.

Susy Bojórquez, Personal and Corporate Coach, talked to us about the role that our thoughts play in our success, especially when it comes to independence and finances for women.

Rosi Orozco, Anti-Human Trafficking activist, shared some harrowing statistics on the number of women and children being trafficked in Jalisco and spoke to us about the necessity of being committed to the fight to end human trafficking and helping victims recover and start their lives again.

Kimberly McDaniel, shared with us her story of surviving breast cancer, how to best support someone going through it, and the importance of community in facing real challenges in our lives.

Julieta Silva, of FitBody, shared with us the story of her triumphant recovery from tragedy and her current successful business that resulted from her struggle.

Thanks to our generous sponsors. We were able to provide a high quality conference with wonderful and engaging speakers, each of them truly amazing women. Also, we were able to provide coffee, snacks, sandwiches, cookies and many items in gift bags for every participant.



During the month of April:

• We had to make the decision to cancel our Spring Fashion Show Fundraiser and to temporarily shut down both our Casi Como Nuevo Store and our community programs, but our commitment to helping our community remains the same.

• We held our first General Meeting via Zoom (a new and empowering experience for all of us).

• We had Guest Speaker Rafaella Tarassi – discussing the Marie Kondo method, as many of us are finding time on our hands to clean out our closets. Rafaella shared with us some wonderful tips on how to create places of joy in our homes during this challenging time. She is currently doing on-line consulting.

Community Work for April

• We donated funds to a collective effort among ACs through Corporativa Fundaciones for medical equipment for doctors.

• We donated food to be included in some of the despensas that DIF Zapopan was putting together.

• Matilde got Light Show, the company that does our lighting for the Fashion Show, to project lit images on the facade of the Hospital Civil to remind people to wear masks and to stay inside.

• Matilde got an outside group, MotoFriendsMX, to donate despensas to our Soup Kitchen Community.

• We donated leftover items from our gift bags from the conference to both The House Café and The Rhizome Center, both ACs that are providing food to people in need.

• Members participated in an effort initiated by the Rhizome Center, collecting resources for those in need and posted the results on our Junior League Face book page.


• We joined with Tortilleria Chimal and Jose Manual Chimal (and donors UNYPANEL and Rooster Café) who brought tortillas and rice to donate to our Soup Kitchen Community in San Juan de Ocotán as part of our contribution to Giving Tuesday, “a global generosity movement that strives to build a world in which the catalytic power of generosity is at the heart of the society we build together, unlocking dignity, opportunity and equity around the globe.”

• We are in talks with a local company to coordinate a donation of despensas for our Soup Kitchen Community.

• Members gathered and contributed to a list of resources for children during the quarantine and posted it to our Facebook page for Día del Niño.

• Joan got MotoFriendsMX to donate despensas to our Soup Kitchen Community again this month.

• The students from the Junior League Student Volunteer Club from ASFG donated money they earned from their 2 fundraisers at school this year, to Mi Gran Esperanza, A.C. The money will go directly toward helping to pay for treatment for a 10 year old female pediatric cancer patient, who has ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). We are very proud of their efforts this year!

• Mi Gran Esperanza is an A.C. that helps pay for the treatment of underprivileged pediatric cancer patients.

What´s Coming Up

• During May we will be voting in our new 2020-2022 Board of Directors. Members, please vote by May 15. And stay tuned for results.

• The May General Meeting will take place on May 21 via Zoom.

• Our June General Meeting will be our end of the year meeting and an opportunity to celebrate and say goodbye to our 2018-2020 board members. We wish them well and thank them for their service. And, we look forward to what our new board members will bring to the League.

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